Extremescape: Pirate Ship

By | March 20, 2019

by Extremescape (website)

Stanley Hall Farm, Stanley Hall Lane, SK12 2JX


2-8 players

90 mins
This exciting escape game calls treasure hunters for a pirate adventure second to none.
A long time ago on the Carribean seas sailed the Spanish Galleon, Castoria.
Captained by Zak Barrow and crewed by a gang of murderers & merciless cutthroats.
Plundering ships of all kinds along India’s Malabar coast, Barrow was a Pirate,
one of the most infamous Pirates of all time.
Barrow’s ship Castoria battled with the India Merchant, a huge treasure ship of 350 tons.
In rough seas, the merchant vessel fired but due to a sudden ocean swell, the shot missed its mark.
The pirates threw their grappling hooks, bringing the two ships together.
And rapidly boarded the ship, soon Captain Barrow was in the possession of
one of the greatest pirate treasures ever.
The ship disappeared in 1722 and was not seen again until now!
So me hearties, all hands on deck,
find the clues, solve the riddles, find the treasure,
Then dare to escape, you have 90 minutes
but fail, and remember – dead men tell no tales
Are you ready to meet Zak Barrow, find the treasure and escape the Pirate Ship
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Extremescape is perhaps the most remote escape game I've visited, being based on a farm near Disley on the edge of the Peak District, outside Stockport. Arriving by car, you follow a long track between fields to a parking area by the small group of buildings. Incongruously for the inland location, their first game (and the one we tried first) is set on a pirate ship, where you need to find the hidden treasure and get out.
Once inside, the room is decorated with gusto. It's a large room with a h...
Outside the room I first came across Extremescape back in August of last year and was immediately surprised by what they were doing. First, they're in Disley, a village on the edge of the Peak District, not the traditional city/town home of existing escape games. Then they announced that their game was 90 minutes long, rather than the usual
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It’s fair to say we came to this one late. Extremescape’s first room, Pirate Ship, was part of the second wave of escape games opening in the UK, and back in 2015 garnered a reputation among enthusiasts as one of the country’s must-play games. It’s certainly easy to see why, but it’s also fair to say that much of what once made it unique has faded now.
A great quality escape room with lots of excellent theming and 90 minutes of fun, rather than the standard 60 minutes.

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