Room Lockdown Hornchurch: Escape the Curse of King Anum

By | March 20, 2019

by Room Lockdown Hornchurch (website)

Crown House, 40 North Street, RM11 1EW


2-6 players

60 minutes

October 1906 a team of archaeologists start the excavation of King Anum deep within the pyramids of Egypt.
In the process an evil curse is released and the whole team of archaeologists die!
No one ever since has even got close to the cursed Tomb of King Anum
Rumour has it that the archaeologists were in fact looking for a hidden treasure deep within the tomb - a red coloured stone believed to be the heart of King Anum
It was believed to bring much wealth but once separated from King Anum, the curse is released, in a race against time your task is to make it out of the pyramid alive!
The heart is in the chest of King Anum now a Mummy locked within the tomb
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Our third Room Lockdown game was their Egyptian themed room, where the team is of course trapped inside an ancient pyramid with an hour to solve the pharaoh's riddles or be trapped forever.
Different games make wildly differing attempts at creating pyramid interiors, and despite having generic converted office space to work with, Room Lockdown's take on the theme uses low lighting and some nice large-scale props to successfully create atmosphere. It's a slightly campy, theme-park version of an ...
Once again, the game was strong in its sense of exploration but an incredibly repetitive set of puzzles left me feeling frustrated during the game in spite of some of the strongest puzzles at the venues also being on show.

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