LockHouse Escape Games: Armageddon

By | March 20, 2019

by LockHouse Escape Games (website)

70 Regent Street, CB2 1DP


2-7 players

60 minutes

Work with your team to destroy a giant meteor hurtling towards the Earth! Find the secret laboratory hidden within a rather strange University department and figure out how to launch the meteor defense missile.
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For some reason both the escape game venues currently open in central Cambridge use room designs from Hungarian company TRAP. I played most of the TRAP games in Budapest some years ago, but Armageddon is one of the designs that didn't exist at that time, so I happily booked in to try it when passing through town. I remembered the Budapest TRAP rooms as as solid and slick mass-market games, but then they were some of the first escape rooms I ever played, so I didn't have much to compare them to....
The second room from our Cambridge double bill.
The less experienced escapers in our team found the room to be a lot of fun, but those with a few more escapes under our belt were left a little underwhelmed. There’s a nice variety of puzzles but it’s a pretty short experience and a very crowded one with seven players.
A strong room with impressive set design and puzzles we've not seen anywhere else.

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