Clue HQ Birmingham: Captain Riddle’s Forgotten Fortune

By | March 20, 2019

by Clue HQ Birmingham (website)

Arches 20 & 21, Lionel Street, B3 1AG


2-6 players

60 minutes

Captain Riddle was one notorious pirate. Famous for pillaging from land and sea and holding his bounty within a hidden cove. The story has become legend over the years and no one is sure if the treasure even exists anymore. You and your scallywag crew have commandeered his old ship and are now sailing in search for the gold. Paranoid that others would attempt to follow in his footsteps, he locked everything up, and is said to have not written down the route to the loot. Riddle’s ship is protected, so you won’t have long after you set sail until the company come after you.
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Whispers on the grapevine (okay, mainly Facebook) suggested that with Captain Riddle, Clue HQ had upped their game and built something quite special, so it was a priority for our visit to Birmingham. Actually, it'd probably have been a priority anyhow - pirate themed games tend to be fun.
First impressions on entering the room were contradictory: the decor was lovely, but I was surprised by what a small space it was. Fortunately that's misleading, with the game turning out to be expansive enoug...

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