Enigma Emporium: Wish You Were Here

By | March 20, 2019

by Enigma Emporium (website)

1-5 players

60 minutes

Wish You Were Here is a new kind of mystery. Five mysterious postcards arrive at your doorstep, a criminal's challenge: catch them... if you can. Codes, ciphers, riddles, and other puzzles abound in these lavishly-produced cards that will leave you not only with a sense of satisfaction if you're able to solve the mystery, but also a beautiful curio you can save, display, or even pass on to a friend to solve next.
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The boom in physical escape rooms has brought with it an increasing range of play at home puzzle products in various formats. Enigma Emporium's first such product, Wish You Were Here, is notable for the efficiency of its design: an envelope containing five postcards. The outside of the envelope gives a brief orientation message, but after that it's up to you to find the puzzles, work out solutions for them, and discover how everything fits together.
Not that you'll have any difficulty finding p...

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