Clue Adventures: Gangster’s Treasure

By | March 20, 2019

by Clue Adventures (website)

The Coach and Horses, 391 High Road, Leyton, E10 5NA

East London

2-6 players

60 minutes

Its 1935 New York and notorious gangster Dutch Schultz has been killed, slumped over a case in The Chop Palace Bar. The police are due to arrive in one hour and in that time you need to find out who killed Dutch, find his will and locate his hidden treasure.
He may have been hated, but he wasn’t stupid he’s made sure that not just anyone is going to be able to find his stash, so you’ll need to think like a devious mobster if you’re going to succeed.
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The prohibition-themed third game from Clue Adventures is based not in their main venue, but in the basement of a pub. Its lease at the pub where I played is about to run out, hopefully to be followed by it re-opening in a new location, although at time of writing that's yet to be confirmed.
The pub basement that hosts (or hosted) the game is a real pub basement, in use by real pub patrons during the week. As with many games based in dual-use locations, that gives it a pop-up feel where all com...
A notorious gangster has been murdered in an underground drinking den! Will you crack the case, or will you end up drinking on your Bugsy Malone?

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