Tension Exit Games: The Plague

By | March 20, 2019

by Tension Twisted Realities (website)

53 Croft Street, LN2 5AZ


2-6 players

60 minutes

In the spring of 1349, the Black Death Plague came to the city of Lincoln, this Plague killed an estimated 200 million people across Europe and around 50% of the population of Lincoln before it finally relented 1353. In many areas 90% of people who became infected with the disease perished, the bacteria spread easily by fleas and ticks and became airborne through coughs and sneezes .
To this day it is still the worst Pandemic ever to hit the human race
Luther Blofielt, the evil genius, has excavated 13th-century human remains buried beneath this very church, using the very latest DNA technology he has managed to recreate the Bubonic Plague bacterium, commonly known as the “Black Death”. Worst still, he has found a way to reproduce the bacteria using body parts from the horde of the undead that litter the streets of Lincoln.
Luther MUST be stopped before he releases the Bacterium.
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The room itself was in line with the theme with some creepy decor and there were lots of interesting items placed around the room to remind you what you were there for.
Everything came together during the experience to keep within the theme and the elements of scare definitely help make the puzzles just that little bit harder and can cause you longer than normal to solve the simplest of clues.

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