Clever Dilemma: Dracula’s Chambers

By | March 20, 2019

by Clever Dilemma (website)

27 Preston Street, ME13 8PE


2-6 players

60 minutes

Your visit to Transylvania has gone horribly wrong. Your beloved has fallen ill to a strange unknown disease. Drs from around the world are baffled by the symptoms and have failed to find a cure.
You have heard rumours Professor Van Helsing has been asking questions and want to know why.
He has seen this before, they have been bitten by a vampire, and it’s only a matter of hours before your beloved is lost forever.
As their condition worsens, there is no choice, you must travel throughout the night to Bran Castle, find the cure and escape before sunrise, or face an uncertain end at the hands of the Castles Master… Count Dracula!
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A really fun game with good decoration and props. There's solid puzzling to be had and tough searching if that's your thing. For me, it's a feelgood room which enthusiasts will enjoy playing, finding it logical and challenging while never feeling like they're likely to fail.
A great room with welcoming hosts and a very good GM. Faversham is beautiful, but this room really makes it worth visiting

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