Clue HQ Brentwood: Sacrifice

By | March 20, 2019

by Clue HQ Brentwood (website)

Kelvedon Hall Ln, Kelvedon Hatch, CM14 5TL


2-6 players

60 minutes

You wake up, blindfolded and disorientated, with no recollection of how you came to be here. You quickly learn that in order to escape you must compete for your life. Every human must face this test at some point in their lifetime, to seek out the survivors and eliminate the unworthy. In this race against time and your friends, will you be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for your own survival? You have one hour to prove yourself; it’s them… or you.
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Sacrifice, currently the newest game at Clue HQ Brentwood, is a versus game; not in the sense that they run two identical copies of a stand-alone so that two teams can compete head to head, but using the rarer configuration where a single room pits one half of the team against the other, and the only way to play it is competitively. [Edit: The operator clarifies that with teams of 2-3 players, it's possible to play the game non-competitively if preferred.]
That makes it best suited for a...

A game that with larger groups can be split so that 2 teams go head to head, but as there were only 2 of us we just played together against the clock, I think we may have been able to complete it solo. Not as much time spent on the design of the room as some of the others here, but the puzzles themselves were very enjoyable, I think this room would have been even better with another team against us, but still thoroughly enjoyable 

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