Xscape Now: Oz

By | June 7, 2024

Telford, Mar 2024

Rated 3.5 out of 5
Toby says:

The Wizard of Oz seems like a setting very well suited for an escape room theme, but for some reason is far less common than, say, Alice In Wonderland. Though perhaps that’s changing, with three Oz games now available around the UK.
From an entertaining beginning you’re taken into the world of Oz, which of course is filled with a host of references to the movie and a wicked witch to defeat. The theming is clever and cute with puzzles that are very much connected with the story.
Parts of this room are quite physically active – which could be a point in its favour or the opposite, depending on your group. For that reason and because of the theme it’s an obvious choice for families, though note that there’s quite a bit to do; the gentle theme doesn’t translate to an easy difficulty level.
Oz is currently highest rated of the XscapeNow games. I enjoyed it but would pick Runaway Train ahead of it; the flow in Oz felt a little less smooth, though I think that’s more to do with personal taste and how the game went for us than any actual deficiency in the game. It has XscapeNow’s usual high standards for decor and puzzle design, and is absolutely worth including in a visit to the venue. 3.5 / 5