Reality Game: Radiation

By | August 25, 2017

Tallinn, Jul 2017

Rated 3 out of 5
Lewis says:

The game begins with a briefing about an upcoming terror attack on a power station. Terrorists plan to send the facility critical and so trigger an explosion.
In the first room, however, you discover that the power station is in low power mode. We quickly abandoned any theories linked to the story, as it seems you could complete the entire game and save the power station by not touching anything.
The first puzzle involved starting up the power station, which then (unsurprisingly!) overloaded and needed some TLC! Unfortunately this puzzle also relied on a willingness to tamper. We discovered clues to the later puzzles before we had managed to turn the damn thing on! This meant we spent some (far too much) time trying to work out how to apply that knowledge before it was needed, and not pressing anything until we were sure.
Although the first room’s decor fell into the category of recycled office, escaping it and getting into the next room was a pleasant surprise and a significant improvement! From then on, it certainly felt like we were in an industrial radioactive environment. There was an intricate set-piece, and some fresh puzzles. The room isn’t search heavy per se, although we did miss a couple of things that we really shouldn’t have!
This game is worth playing, and improves steadily after the first sequence. Don’t worry too much about the story line – the game departs from it and never really returns. Overall, sure, you could save the power station by doing nothing and waiting it out – but then where’s the adventure in that? 3 / 5

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