Puzzle Rooms: Time Machine

By | December 1, 2016

Prague, Jul 2015

Rated between 3 and 4 out of 5
This review was written more than a year after we played it. Whilst we’re confident it’s accurate, it’s short and light on details.
Toby says:

We made a point of playing this room because the concept sounded fun – the team split in different time zones, co-operating to find a way to re-unite and escape. (The operators described it that way to us before we booked, so I’m not counting that as a spoiler.)
I’ve since played several other rooms that start with a split team, and there’s a clear lesson: Don’t force the players to communicate by one-way walkie-talkie. It’s just too frustrating, doubly so if that’s also the means for the operators to give hints. Time Machine suffered from this problem, and after a while we found it was far easier to simply shout through the walls, which was a far superior way to communicate but undermined the theme rather.
Other than that, there was an attempt to match the style of the puzzles to the time zone they were in, which was nice; but overall it was fairly middle-of-the-road. 3 / 5
Sam disagrees:

A great room for teamwork, some of the puzzles were frustrating but overall strong theme and enjoyable. Yes, the walkie talkies didn’t work brilliantly, but this was the first time we had done remote solving between two rooms and I very much enjoyed it. 4 / 5
Lewis rated this:3 / 5

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