Ben Franklin

Played: September 2018 Team size: 4 Time taken: 1hr Outcome: Successful escape!
The design of the room was great in general - loved the animatronics and the overall idea of monster construction was cool. That aspect was well put together and the story felt logical in its presentation. We really enjoyed the puzzle involving the pull strings, although some of the other puzzles (towards the beginning) felt weirdly obtuse in comparison. There were some neat touches throughout though, and one fun 'jump scare' moment that made us laugh. Few issues for us that stopped it from being 5 stars: *Music was too loud at times, making the final puzzle almost impossible to solve due to its audio nature. *The final puzzle had some issues due to the components not working correctly, and we had to have help to complete it. This made it all a bit anti-climactic and my honest feeling is that it needs a rethink *Our host was good and kept in character well, but a few of our group complained about him having very cheesy breath which made the opening close-quarters moments a bit sickening for them. A strange complaint, but felt it was worth mentioning!
Played: 3/11/18 Team size: 6 Time taken: 55 minutes Outcome: Successful escape!
From the moment we got in, it's clear this is a high class establishment. The care that Far (our host) took with us was truly excellent. and the overall experience made it easily the best escape room I've played so far. Production design was high, and it's an excellent entry level escape room that is both fun and logical throughout. None of the puzzles stumped us too much (apart from us not pulling locks hard enough when we had the right code!) and the whole room felt very fluid in its progression. Really looking forward to returning and trying 'Revenge of the Sheep' next. Highly recommended!