Played: 6 Mar 2024 Team size: 2 Time taken: 55 Outcome: Successful escape!
beautifuloriginalcleverquite difficult
We had a great time here and just about managed to finish in time!

Hardest part for us was finding where to start, after a couple of hints we got there and seemed to get stuck into the puzzles properly!Some really original puzzles too, and some standard returning classics we’ve seen elsewhere. A good mix and some great aha! Moments. I also need to mention how beautiful the second part of this room is, it is very well themed in the second half.
Overall we were really happy with our experience here, had a fantastic time and will definitely be coming back!

Played: 24 Feb 2024 Team size: 4 Time taken: 45:00 Outcome: Successful escape!
hi-techimmersivebonus objective😨creepy
Deep space brig offers a well themed and atmospheric experience, alongside some awesome high tech puzzles. We did it with the scares on and found generally it gave a light creepy atmosphere, but nothing too scary, perfect balance for us really!
Some completely unique puzzles which we really enjoyed solving, a certain venn diagram had us scratching our heads for a while before realising the solution and having a very satisfying aha! moment. One element we found very impressive and hadn’t seen before was the use of cameras to look in spaces we wouldn’t normally be able to access, this was really unique and we really enjoyed it.
We really like that most of the rooms here have a bonus objective too, the one for this room was just difficult enough and working together to solve a more complex puzzle was great fun!
Also…Hovis. Enough said, 11/10
Played: 16 Dec 2023 Team size: 2 Time taken: 49:11 Outcome: Successful escape!
story-drivenbroken tech
Overall a fun game, most puzzles were fairly logical and we enjoyed them! One or two more challenging puzzles also helped make this room very fun! 
The clue system is very creative, however we did find the clue system in the second half to be a bit confusing at times, hard to pick apart actual clues from story/theming... But it did work well for this story driven room.
The room is advertised as a murder mystery, however the story takes a bit of a turn toward the magical around the halfway point and we thought the themes clashed a bit, especially from what the room is advertised as.
There were a couple of points where we had some broken tech, one of the automatically opening parts needed an extra whack from us and we had a tough time getting something laser related to activate. But I wouldn't say this was overly detrimental to our experience!
Overall it is definitely worth a playthrough at very least and we will be back to try their other rooms at some point in the future!
Played: 27 Jan 2024 Team size: 2 Time taken: 0:48 Outcome: Successful escape!
Our 2nd room here! We thought this was the best of the (12 so far!) escape rooms we have done! The theming is really immersive, clever use of the handcuffs throughout was unlike anything we’d done before. Some very original puzzles once out of the handcuffs too! We were so impressed by this room, can’t wait to come back for deep space brig!
Played: 23 Dec 2023 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!
originalclevergreat hosting
A very cool room with some really original puzzles!Especially liked doing actual chemistry to get parts for puzzles!We found the middle part a bit repetitive, but depsite repetitive nature of one puzzle it did involve thinking in lots of different ways!
The bonus objective (to actually escape the room!) was challenging but we got it with a small nudge in the right direction!Going back to try deep space brig soon!
Also Hovis is a star.