Palace Games: The Emerald Palace

By | September 11, 2021

by Palace Games (website)

3362 Palace Dr, San Francisco, CA 94123

2-5 players

Β£23.00 $28.00

Languages: EN

60-75 mins

It all started with a strange invitation from a long lost relative promising treasures of your wildest dreams. You explored a mansion, found your way out of a locked cell and dingy basement, and now you make your way to the end of stone tunnel with a heavy green door and curious lock. Is that sunlight you see peaking through? What adventures await this time... and where?

The Emerald Palace is an all-digital escape room adventure in which teams of 3-4 play an online, cooperative game using their browser and preferred video conference platform.

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The Emerald Palace's focus of providing whimsical retro game experience succeeded in creating an engaging cooperative adventure amongst team members. This game has a focus of bringing players together to face challenges and you get a sense of camaraderie while trying to complete each task. If you’re more interested in traditional puzzles, I recommend taking a look at Palace Spheres other games: Palace of Destiny is currently free to play on their website, The Ruby Palace provides similar a cooperative gaming atmosphere with a focus of puzzles, and The Sapphire Palace provides a higher level of challenge for those wanting to test their brains. Now it’s your turn to decide which palace do you want to visit!

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