The Detective Society: The Cursed Exhibition: Episode 1

By | August 1, 2021

by The Detective Society (website)

Languages: EN

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As this is a six-part series, the ending of episode one of โ€œThe Cursed Exhibitionโ€ left me with

even more questions than I started with. I am fascinated with the premise and am desperate to learn more. They built a rich narrative within their mystery that provides players with enough information to engage with the story without information dumping, which is a fine line I appreciate a great deal. I am excited to see what happens next! This series it not fully completed, yet, with only the first three episodes out currently and by January 2022 the series will conclude. If you enjoy monthly mystery subscriptions this is a great option, but if you prefer to binge your subscriptions, The Detective Society also has two addition series completed that are ready for your at home investigation, โ€œThe Disappearance of Claire Makovaโ€ and โ€œThe Sudden Silence of Timothy Lee.โ€

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