The Chamber: Huxley

By | June 6, 2021

by The Chamber (website)

Am Rinkenpfuhl 20/26 Hinterhaus, 50676 Köln


2-8 players

Languages: EN, DE, TR, IT, ES, FR

44 mins
virtual reality

3007 A.D.

Die Erde, wie wir Sie kennen, gibt es nicht mehr. Du gehörst zu den letzten Überlebenden einer Welt, die nun von Maschinen regiert wird.

Auf einer Raumstation umkreist ihr die Erde − und empfangt plötzlich geheimnisvolle Signale. Und damit beginnt eure Mission: kehrt zurück zur Erde und helft HUXLEY, die Apokalypse umzukehren!

Was ihr dazu braucht, habt ihr bereits: Adrenalin, Cleverness und den Willen, gemeinsam Alles zum Guten zu wenden.

Du glaubst ihr habt das Zeug dazu? Worauf wartest du dann noch? Die Uhr tickt!

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Reviews by escape room review sites

Huxley is only the second virtual reality escape game I’ve played, and so it remains a challenge to write a fair review. The aim is to assess the game, but with such a new format it’s far from straightforward to tease out what’s impressive about the game itself versus what’s impressive about the underlying technology.
Huxley is gaining a reputation as a step up in VR escaping, largely due to the way it works. Instead of sitting in a chair to play, each player has a small room within which they ...
A review of Huxley, the most talked-about VR escape room. Good puzzles, pretty sets and, surprisingly, a genuine sense of exploration both physically and virtually.

Exit VR has managed to break the boundaries of the real world and add a new interesting component to Live Escape. Immersion on a whole new level. Certainly, one or two Escape Room purists with a penchant for the haptic experience and head-scratchers will struggle with the new technology.

We play an immersive VR escape room that transports you into a new realm.
While visiting Berlin, we heard a lot about the new escape room VR experience called Huxley. Naturally, we got curious and after talking with some of our escape room friends in the city, we knew we had to check it out. Are you sceptical about Escape Rooms and Virtual Reality? We were too. So let’s […]

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