Norwich VR Escape Room: Huxley

By | September 29, 2019

by Norwich VR Escape Room (website)

24-25 Castle Meadow, NR1 3DH


2-4 players

60 minutes

currently unavailable
virtual reality
Norwich VR Escape Rooms are proud to bring the multi-award winning virtual reality, escape room experience HUXLEY to Norwich. Designed in Germany, Huxley is a virtual reality escape room adventure that transports you into a machine dominated future. You are the last remaining survivors of humanity, can you solve the puzzles to complete your mission and reverse the apocalypse with Huxley by your side?
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Huxley is only the second virtual reality escape game I’ve played, and so it remains a challenge to write a fair review. The aim is to assess the game, but with such a new format it’s far from straightforward to tease out what’s impressive about the game itself versus what’s impressive about the underlying technology.
Huxley is gaining a reputation as a step up in VR escaping, largely due to the way it works. Instead of sitting in a chair to play, each player has a small room within which they ...
A review of Huxley, the most talked-about VR escape room. Good puzzles, pretty sets and, surprisingly, a genuine sense of exploration both physically and virtually.
We play an immersive VR escape room that transports you into a new realm.
While visiting Berlin, we heard a lot about the new escape room VR experience called Huxley. Naturally, we got curious and after talking with some of our escape room friends in the city, we knew we had to check it out. Are you sceptical about Escape Rooms and Virtual Reality? We were too. So let’s […]

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