Can You Escape Malta: The Forbidden Castle

By | March 26, 2021

by Can You Escape Malta (website)

297, Triq il-Merhba

Up to 8 players

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Player review

cipherdelic says:

This is a wonderful space for an escape room, lots to explore and discover, its one of those rooms that you really want to play in person, as theres a decent amount of physicality to the game and lots to explore. The camerawork is great, we had no problems with focus or seasickness, and the details can be seen and text can be read. Theres also a telescape inventory for some puzzles, but it is minimally used (no playing the inventory here!) as you really don't want to move away from searching solving in the room.

Our Avatar was great, he was engaging and funny and kept us on track with some subtle camerawork . The gameplay is very good, with a couple of nice straightforward puzzles to get to into the game and then it builds from there.
Fabulous room to play an well worth booking, it you liked the pub in Malta, then you're going to love this one!!!   

Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5
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