Fox in a Box Miami: Virtual Nuclear Bunker

By | March 12, 2021

by Fox in a Box Miami (website)

3-7 players

Β£30.00pp $40.66pp

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You wake up to disaster all around you, but there is no time to wallow and feel sorry for yourself. You're the only person who can stop this deadly pathogen being released.A 60 min launch sequence provides just enough time to ravage the bunker looking for clues and solving puzzles in order to deativate the launch sequence.Are YOU the hero the world needs?
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This was a pretty solid game from beginning to end. For enthusiasts the puzzles might seen a bit easy but you'll enjoy the overall experience. I also love to see escape rooms use real historical props in their rooms to bring the immersion factor to another level. If you're in the Miami area, they actually have an identical bunker where you and your friends can play head-to-head with each other. This sounds really cool and we would love to try it in person someday!

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