Shine On Collective: Welcome Home

By | March 2, 2021

by Shine On Collective (website)

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Journey into a ghost story as you unravel secrets, solve mysteries, listen in on phone conversations and enjoy a delicious dessert with this at-home immersive experience.
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you've just moved into town and the neighbors seem to be quite friendly. You even got a box of baked goods from your Neighborhood Watch president. Strangely. you've also received a box of belongings from the former resident of the house, Eli. This is when all the mysteries started to unveil...

The story was really affecting and surprisingly dark at times; feeling very Lynchian as it took something very sweet on the surface—a neighbor welcoming you the community with a box of brownies—and then zoomed in past that gesture to reveal the sinister darkness that lurks just beneath the veneer of the seemingly utopian small town. It may not be the most novel of ideas, but I felt like it was executed very well overall.

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