Escape The Crate: Chapter 26: Escape: Murders In The Speakeasy

By | February 26, 2021

by Escape The Crate (website)

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TWO murder mysteries await in this massive adventure! The year is 1928 and Prohibition is the law of the land. Behind the hidden door to the Blind Hog Saloon, however, drinks are pouring, gambling is rampant, and men and women dance the night away to the Charleston. The owner of the speakeasy, Arthur “Goldie” Nickels, rules the shadows and has made thousands by smuggling and selling alcohol…until he was found murdered. There were only a few suspects around him at the time of his death and it is up to you to find the entrance to the speakeasy, interview the suspects, and to solve the crime. Unfortunately for you, however, there are multiple weapons, motives, and killers to choose from. Even more than that… Goldie is not the only person who will be murdered in the speakeasy tonight. Another murder sets the scene for the second mystery in the box… one where you appear to be the leading suspect. Solve both murders before you find yourself framed for the crime of the century!
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