Code to Exit: The Secret of the Colosseum

By | February 26, 2021

by Code to Exit (website)

143 Manchester Road, WA14 5NS

1-6 players


90 mins
András and Zoltan are on the trail of another legend. During the Roman Colosseum ages, the archaeologists found a tunnel leading to Ludus Magnus, a gladiator training camp. But it was also known that there is another secret tunnel leading there but no one knows, to this day, who built it or where it is. However, there are numerous clues, both in the recently excavated tunnel to Ludus Magnus training camp and the Colosseum, that leads towards the solving of this mystery. Andras and Zoltan are asking you to join them in finding the thousands of year-old secret tunnel. If you are ready for the adventure and you have chosen the right question below, the exciting journey will begin.
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