Enigma Rooms Lincoln: The Forgotten Chest

By | February 9, 2021

by Enigma Rooms Lincoln (website)

35A Silver Street, LN2 1BW

2-6 players


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Following the death of my great uncle, I have been named as executor of his estate.Most of my duties have progressed well, everything was taken care of for me. A very well written will made the job easy; except for one very unusual chestโ€ฆI found no record of it in any of my uncleโ€™s things except in one small book, a sort of diary, written just before his passing; when his mind had started to become addled.โ€œThis must be it! The focus for the sleeper is in here. I must delve deeper, I must find it, I must awaken the one who sleeps.โ€I need your help. I am no professor of sematic languages like he was. As his esteemed colleagues, I canโ€™t think of anyone better suited in this endeavour. I wonder what could be inside.Will there be riches and gold? Trinkets and baubles? Or maybe just the scrawlingโ€™s of a mad man? I guess we will find out together.
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๐Ÿ”James Bloodworth expert rated this:Rated between 30 and 30 out of 5
Played: 5 Mar 2021 Team size: 5 Outcome: Successful escape!
๐Ÿฆกcipherdelic virtuoso rated this:Rated between 30 and 30 out of 5

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