TrapGame: L’Agence 51

By | February 8, 2021

by TrapGame (website)

1-6 players

ÂŁ126.00 160.00 Fr.

đź“ąremote avatar
L'Agence 51, une organisation intergouvernementale classée secret défense, requiert vos services pour sauver l'humanité d'une menace imminente.
Un message crypté intercepté depuis l'espace indique qu'une invasion extraterrestre se prépare avec l'objectif ultime d'exterminer l'humanité.
Il y a bien longtemps, des aliens sont venus dissimuler sur Terre des pierres de puissance qui leur permettraient, en temps voulu, d'accomplir leur sombre dessein.
L'équipe de recherche de l'Agence 51 a trouvé le moyen de stopper la menace en retournant la puissance de ces pierres contre eux.
Une mission top secret a été lancée pour récupérer les pierres mais l'agent de terrain vient d'être capturé.
Votre équipe spéciale d'intervention à distance intègre alors immédiatement la mission...
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Its been almost a full year since we started our remote/avatar room adventures and in all that time we’ve never played a remote room in Switzerland. So we were excited to hear that Trapgame had produced a brand new adventure just for remote play called Agency 51, and what made us even more excited to play was that it’s a 90 minute game.
Between the digital platform, prerecorded videos and traveling through 4 different physical escape sets, you can tell there has been a lot of hard work that's been put into the design of this game. Our agent did a great job with how quickly she was able to transition from prerecorded to the physical spaces. She's also in character the entire time. We had great time traveling with her in her spaceship. She was such a good sport as we didn't really let her take a breather and just kept going one after another with the destinations. If you love more adventure and less puzzling, this is the game for you. You probably haven't experienced any online game like this one before.

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