The Panic Room Online: The Sinister Soirée

By | February 4, 2021

by The Panic Room Online (website)

1-6 players



"You’ve always adored your niece, Victoria. She’s always the talk of the town, and quite a socialite. She has great looks, great wit, and most importantly, a great reputation. Certainly much better than your own...Unlike you, Victoria actually still gets invited to parties. But nevermind that.

Horribly, at Victoria’s most recent soiree, announcing her engagement, she narrowly avoided an untimely demise! A cloaked assailant jumped out of the hallway and chased her to her room, which she narrowly escaped into before the would-be murderer plunged a knife into her door. 

Of course, people came running upon hearing the door slam—can you imagine, sweet Victoria slamming a door?!—but the culprit was never found.

You were absolutely appalled to hear the news. Poor Victoria was so distraught thinking one of her dear friends would ever intend such displeasure upon her. So you came to her in the country straight away, you advised Victoria in the very best way you could: You told her to invite all her same friends over for another soiree..."

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