Elgin Escape: Piper Asylum

By | January 15, 2021

by Elgin Escape (website)

14 Harrow Inn Close, IV30 1BP

Up to 6 players


You and your friends enjoy exploring abandoned buildings and today you have come across an old mental asylum named the Piper Mental Institute. The asylum has been lying dormant since its closure in 1982. You all decide to venture inside the building. As you all walk through the corridor, you notice a door at the end of the hall, approaching it you see it reads "enter if you dare!". Laughing it off, you and your friends decide to enter the room to find out more about what lies behind the door. As you walk through, one of your friends brushes past the door and it slams shut, the door is locked and you can't get back out. You are now left with no other option than to try and find another way out...
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Since the emergence of play at home escape room style experiences emerged nearly a year ago, one of the most sought after types is one that allows teams to play collaboratively from near and far. With Piper Asylum, Elgin Escapes has added another enjoyable game that is perfectly suited to players across multiple households

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