Clue Room Poznań: Golden Heist

By | January 4, 2021

by Clue Room Poznań (website)

Lechicka 59/215, 61-695 Poznań

2-6 players

Team of 2: £52.00 €60.00
Team of 4: £61.00 €70.00
Team of 6: £69.00 €80.00

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75 mins
As it happened, you became a new member of the most powerful and famous gang globally. This group became famous for its spectacular heists. You have been given a new heist plan, but most of you are stock in quarantine. You decided to rob a bank using the latest technology, but you still had to send one of you to be your eyes and hands. Are you sure that you are prepared for this heist? Face the challenge – decipher the clues, break the security, rob the bank, and, most importantly, save your partner by helping him with the robbery before the police arrive! It’s time to rob a bank.
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