Project M: Cold Fusion

By | January 4, 2021

by Project M (website)

1-4 players


Ted Olsen is an internationally renowned scientist, his quest for developing the formula for nuclear fusion also known as Cold Fusion, will help power humankind into the next century..... but what if his formula were to fall into the wrong hands?
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Reviewing this game was a hard one. A lot of work has gone into it, and there is a lot of game play with oodles of story. I think if we hadn’t got β€˜lost’, we would have enjoyed it more. Saying that, if you’re looking for a game to really challenge you and have you questioning reality, then give this one a try.
We scour the internet to uncover the secrets behind internationally renowned scientist Ted Olsen and his Cold Fusion formula.

Can you help find the truth?

An immensely enjoyable game. I’ll be waiting in line for part 2

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