66 Minuten: Showdown

By | December 24, 2020

by 66 Minuten (website)

Kirchstraße 4, 56564 Neuwied

Team of 2: £87.00 €100.00
Team of 4: £121.00 €140.00
Team of 6: £156.00 €180.00

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While the ASF heatedly debates the most important items on the agenda in a video meeting, unforeseen incidents occur. All of a sudden, Elvira's kitchen puts all other important issues in the background. Actually, only the ransom that Elvira swindled on the ASF should be recaptured there. However, there are indications in the kitchen that point to really weird hanky-panky...
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66 Minutes - Theater Adventures unleashes a true multimedia fireworks display for their 99-minute Remote Escape Room adventure. Showdown is a high-quality production that is bursting with whimsical humor and innovative ideas.

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