Stratton Escape Room: The Botanist

By | December 23, 2020

by Stratton Escape Room (website)

36 Vermont Route 30, Vermont 05340

Team of 2: £50.00 $69.00
Team of 4: £80.00 $109.00
Team of 6: £109.00 $149.00

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Our most topical escape game ever, the Botanist features botanist Phinneas T. Slivverwort who has found a miracle cure for Tuberculosis but has lost his memory in the process. Help Dr. Slivverwort find the lost seed of the mysterious Krakula speciosa plant, the last of its kind and key ingredient of his special cough-stopping Elixir. It should be known that Dr. Slivverwort carefully booby trapped his laboratory, The Pod, to ward off would-be robbers. He also hid the seed in a secret location. The hidden seed is the only key to his release. Unfortunately, he has now become ensnared in his own web and trapped in his own Pod. Luckily he left himself some clues. Can you think like a scientist and help Dr. Slivverwort escape?
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