See Your City: 12 Angry Guests

By | December 21, 2020

by See Your City (website)

Public booking: £10.00 each

70 mins

The year is 1958. A brutal murder of a federal state officer has taken place in an apartment block 3 rows down from Times Square. The police have arrested one young man who was found at the scene of the crime. The young man claims to be innocent. Eyewitness reports and the NYPD believe otherwise. It’s his word against the state’s. The decision is down to the Jury….The decision is down to YOU! 

You are hereby summoned by the New York County Supreme court to appear for Jury Service. This will be the most important civic role you will perform so listen carefully, study the evidence, cross-examine the suspect and, ultimately, decide your verdict. But make sure you are certain, as the fate of this man’s life is in your hands.

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