Cave Escape: Carfax “The Hunter”

By | December 13, 2020

by Cave Escape (website)

63 Mansfield Road, NG1 3FN

2-6 players


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75 mins

Your eyes begin to focus through the dull light. The croak and groan of the Russian cargo ship, The Demeter, makes you feel uneasy. You sense that a terrible event has occurred - the crew are missing, presumed dead. Only the body of the Captain is later recovered, found horrifically bound to the helm of the vessel. 

You have been called upon by Professor Abraham Van Helsing, the noted Dutch Metaphysician and his former student, Dr. John Seward whom's patient, the aristocrat - Lucy Westenra, is presenting a series of bizarre symptoms. She seems to be drawn under the power of an unknown force which yolks her strength, day by day. What is causing her decline and could it be in some way connected to the eery appearance of the deserted ship upon Whitby's shore? Only you can find the truth!

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A true rival for Curio in Nottingham, Cave Escape is a fantastic game that takes you on a journey through the underground world of Nottingham.
Carfax is a great room and it excelled in room design. Surrounded by the natural stone walls of the cave, the rest of the set was used to enhance this already impressive setting
This game’s unique selling point is that it’s set in a cave – but that’s not why it’s a fantastic game. Carfax has a wonderfully immersive and minimalist set that beautifully unveils the games story. A brilliant game.

A unique setting in the caves of Nottingham backed up by a well formed story full of adventure

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