Palace Games: The Sapphire Palace

By | December 4, 2020

by Palace Games (website)

3362 Palace Drive

2-4 players

Team of 2: £29.00 $40.00
Team of 4: £59.00 $80.00

You had been promised treasures of your wildest dreams, but now you find yourself in a locked cell room in the basement of the great palace. A note apologizes for the mishap and promises that more riches lie ahead if you can just make it through the challenges of the Sapphire Palace, but first you have to break out of the cell.
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There were some really cool game designs we haven't seen before utilized in the puzzles. It almost felt like physical puzzles in an escape room. If you are looking for more of a competitive game with your team, I'll go with "The Sapphire Palace". If you are looking for more of a cooperative game, I'll go with "The Ruby Palace". In terms of difficulty level, "The Sapphire Palace" does feel more challenging mainly because it's much harder to bypass (it's not just entering a password to move on, you'll have to solve the puzzles). I can't wait to visit another palace!

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