NW Escape Experience: Operation: D.B. Cooper

By | November 24, 2020

by NW Escape Experience (website)

1503 NE 78th St #7, Vancouver, WA 98665

4-8 players

Team of 4: £82.00 CA$140.00
Team of 6: £122.00 CA$210.00

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You and the FBI have tracked the infamous DB Cooper to a remote cabin in the woods.

It is believed he has stashed his stolen cash in the cabin, but can you find it…and escape with your life?

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This is your classic gen-1 escape room. There's no red herrings, a great game master and your traditional escape room puzzles. Sometimes you don't need all that high-tech to jazz up a good game. We are pretty happy with the smooth game play. And being able to escape with a nice time at the end is always a plus!

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