Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space: Floor 13

By | October 31, 2020

by Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space (website)

302 N Broadway Ave, Suite 100, IL 61801

1-6 players

60-120 mins

You're trapped in your office building after-hours, and you stumble into a place that shouldn't exist. Discover the secrets of Floor 13 and escape the building...if you can! Discover clues, piece together login codes, and go face to face with a haunted computer. Solve the challenges of this slightly spooky escape room from the comfort of home!

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This is a game that we thoroughly enjoyed, I can’t decide if we enjoyed it as much as The Lost Temple, but it was pretty close. That’ll be two CU Adventures games we’re now recommending! Skip Netflix, this is a great way to spend your night!
Brandon's favorite part was the automated narration element in the game. He loved that someone would read for him and all he had to do was listen. This narration would happen when we proceed onto another puzzle or location in the game. The immersion was done quite well as besides the narrations, you were even able to hear lighting, thunder and other types of sound effects throughout the game. My favorite part of the game was the fact that the inventory system was so easy to follow. It would show us what locks were opened, what was left for us to do, which document we're suppose to be on for this puzzle, etc...

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CU Adventures comes super highly recommended, so I suggested it to a new group of friends to try out at once. The concept is refreshing, and it’s about as close as it’s possible to be to a real life escape room in a browser based game and for that I’m impressed! Each player logs in remotely, there’s a “Leader” and a number of “Companions”. Each can play at their own pace, exploring new areas, finding new things, and solving puzzles alone (or in many cases, collaboratively).

This is another sensational game from CU Adventures and is a steal at $10. If you haven’t played any of their at-home games, I would actually recommend doing this one first, as it’s a bit easier and shorter than Lost Temple.

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