Gruzzle: The Will

By | September 30, 2020

by Gruzzle (website)

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Beloved philanthropist, Dolores Pumbleton, has died!
Luckily, she left her massive fortune to her three grandchildren. Unluckily, she also left them a puzzling challenge.
Can you help them solve their Nana’s puzzles and earn their inheritance? Sign up with Gruzzle HQ and receive this mystery in your mailbox.
Don’t delay — the whole town is counting on you!
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If you love those classic style puzzles and less digital components, this game would be for you. The game was quite linear so you'll have to work together most of the time as we do not recommend splitting up and getting confused on what could be solved and what couldn't. There were  many items were revealed ahead of time. If you played one of their games before, you should know that you're pretty much invested to finish all 6 games as they will eventually reveal a meta puzzle and I'm sure that mysterious ending is what everyone's looking forward to! 

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