Escape Mail: On The Run

By | September 30, 2020

by Escape Mail (website)

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You got so close to the treasure in Episode 3, and now you know where to go to get what you need. But before you get there, there’s a problem to solve, and not even JJ’s safe-cracking accomplice Svetlana can solve it. That’s why she’s sending you the encrypted documents to decipher. Will you make sense of this mystery?
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This is probably one of our favorite episodes so far from Mobile Escape. The puzzles were very innovative and even if you did chose a "hard" difficulty level, it shouldn't really stump you as the puzzles all made sense. This episode really brought back memories when we're able to travel. Looking at all of those stamps on the passport made us feel sad but also appreciate this game a lot more as without it. we would be pretty bored at home. If you are stuck at home like us and looking for something fun to do, definitely give this subscription a try!

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