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How to make searching fun

While I do sometimes mess up escape rooms by overthinking, the most usual reason I end up needing a hint from the gamemaster is because I’ve failed to find something, usually because I didn’t bother looking very hard in the first place. Nor am I alone in that – other enthusiasts frequently nod and declare… Read More »

Three easy ways to guarantee I’ll love your escape room

Owners with good escape rooms sometimes ask me how they could make them even better. (Owners with bad rooms rarely do, since I’m not shy about pointing out flaws.) There are plenty of straightforward answers to that that are simple to say and difficult to act on, such as build original, clever puzzles that are… Read More »

How to use UV well

Any list of escape room tropes will inevitably include use of UV lighting, and no wonder – the ability to hide invisible messages that players can only discover when they find the correct tool is an irresistible mechanism for escape room designers. As a result, UV messages have been used since the earliest escape rooms… Read More »