Breakout Escape Games: The Flying Dutchman

By | September 3, 2020

by Breakout Escape Games (website)

18 General Nicolae C. Dona Street

2-6 players

From the depths of the sea a ship rises with a skeletal figure spearheading its bow, striking fear into the hearts of the bravest of sailors. The dreaded ship, The Flying Dutchman makes sail once again, led by its fierce captain.
Davy Jones once was a man, but he was cursed by the woman he loved to roam the seas and ferry the souls of the damned to the other side for eternity.
A most precious artifact has been stolen from his ship, and now he wants it back. You were one of the pirates that stole from Jones’ locker, but you were left behind when the Dutchman’s crew discovered you.
Now you must find your way within the ship and manage to escape before the time runs out and you become part of Davy Jones’ undead crew… forever!
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It is a very well decorated room. Mainly wood as you would expect but it does the job. It is a pretty big game space and the great atmosphere is spread all around. The puzzles do not distract, fitting nicely in the design of the room. We think the room is good overall as design but it is not exceptional. With an update of the current days it could be better.

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