Spybrain Escape: Emergency Procedure

By | August 22, 2020

by Spybrain Escape (website)

Kartäuserwall 53, 50678

1-3 players

£9.00 €10.00

80 mins
Follow the footsteps of a journalist who is taking on a criminal company. In this medium-difficulty episode your team will help her assistant in order to figure out place and nature of that mysterious emergency.
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We really enjoyed this digital platform. It was very easy for players to follow along. The audio narration would play at the same time for all the players so you wouldn't have to worry if there was a slow reader on your team. The inventory system would remind you of what had been and haven't been used. All the players would be able to interact with the screen at the same time (although if you opened up something, it would open for the other players too so you'll have to wait till they finish reviewing it) so you'll progress as a team. We look forward to Chapter 2!

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