Bluefish Games: The Curious Stairs of Mr. Hincks

By | August 7, 2020

by Bluefish Games (website)

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Looking for a challenge? Take the stairs!
An at-home puzzle game prequel for room escapers, board gamers and the curious-minded.
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After the Curious Elevator and the Curious Stairs, I have to hope that Team Bluefish release a third box named Curious Dumbwaiter or perhaps Curious Fire Escape. Actually, I hope they release more regardless of what they call it, because Elevator was excellent and Stairs is even better.
Curious Stairs is a prequel extension to Curious Elevator. Neither game really has anything you could describe as a narrative, so don't worry too much about this being a 'prequel'. As their website says, ...
If you liked The Curious Elevator of Mr. Hincks, then I suspect that you’ll love The Curious Stairs of Mr. Hinks.

Bluefish Games … I think we can all agree they’re one of the most loved game making couples in the world! Which is why it it’s just so exciting when they make something new! Anna and Ace are back at it again with a wonderful prequel to The Curious Elevator of Mr. Hincks: The Curious Stairs of Mr. Hincks (shortened hereafter as The Curious Stairs). It’s a shorter sweet introduction to the world of Hincksyland – bright, colourful and absolutely charming.

The Curious Stairs of Mr. Hincks from Bluefish Games was a joy to play. It’s filled to the brim with good humour and a wonderfully light tone that’s refreshing to see.

There’s creativity abound and it was able to breathe new life into some tired puzzle formats.

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