District 3: Interrogation

By | June 19, 2020

by District 3 (website)

2237 6th Avenue, SK.

2-8 players

Team of 2: £32.00 $44.00
Team of 4: £64.00 $88.00
Team of 6: £95.00 $132.00

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An investigation begins the day after an attempted heist at a museum. Despite being brought in for questioning as suspects, unease led to your attempted escape. Staying too long may lead to your arrest, or perhaps worse!
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Interrogation Room is on the tougher side, and was not at all what I was expecting story wise, but still full of the satisfying, and solid puzzles, and fun that I have come to expect from District 3.
District 3 Escape Rooms did a great job with bringing in that intensity of an interrogation room through the set design, sound effects and puzzle design. From starting off in an fairly empty room to discovering it's secrets along the way, we're able to come up with a successful escape plan. If you want to experience the "scare factor" on a full scale level, you'll have to visit them in person!

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