Project Avatar: Project Avatar

By | June 4, 2020

by Project Avatar (website)

1-10 players

Team of 2: £88.00 €100.00
Team of 4: £88.00 €100.00
Team of 6: £133.00 €150.00

📹remote avatar
Winner of a 2020 TERPECA awardnot on sale
90 mins
After the whole world tried to adapt to online, we created a product that is designed for him.
This is a unique development in which the most popular game genres are combined just for you.
Using the Project AVATAR platform, you will be able to control the hero of the film, the character of the game and influence live events.
Project AVATAR is implemented on the desire and energy of people who know how to create.
Play reality! Now everything is real!
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There are now quite a number of avatar-based remote play games available around the world. Project Avatar is not like the others. For a start, this isn't an existing escape room adapted for play over the internet; it's constructed as a new experience designed for this format. More importantly, it's not exactly an escape room - the creators describe it as a live video game, and that's a very accurate description.
Our game began with a sequence that gave a run down of how it worked, which was ver...
If I had to use one word to describe this experience it would be ‘bonkers’. This was a whirlwind from start to end and was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. If you can get over the very high price point, then it is worth giving it a try just to experience something different
!! This article tells you what we experienced during a beta test which was for free!! Man... I don't know what the hell I just went through. Legendary Quest is a Ukrainian company that creates escapes. They've been looking for beta testers for their new online adventure. An escape? A video game? An action movie?It's a little bit of both. They just proved to me that the only limit to creation is imagination. After a rather long introductory video that explains the basic commands of this avatar...

Regardless, this game was nothing we've seen before on the market right now. We highly recommend giving it a try! 

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