Crack A Nut Mysteries: Root of All Evil

By | May 23, 2020

by Crack A Nut Mysteries (website)

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In November 1885 a small, quiet town in Northern Michigan was forever changed. What started as a noble gesture would, in the future, plunge the town into the depths of hell. Stories of hauntings, sightings of ghosts and demons, murders and disappearances, have woven together in fact or fiction - depending on who is telling the story. In the year 1885 the Northern Michigan Asylum was built in this little town. The grounds were enhanced with lush trees from all over the world, while the buildings were filled with all the misfits, plagued with diseases of both the mind and body, for over 100 years. Hence the recipe for scores of dark legends of terror and mayhem. One of the trees, a black willow, still inhabits the grounds. Today it is referred to as the "Hippie Tree," but back then it was known by a different, darker name.....and that's where our story begins...
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Root of All Evil delivered deep dark storytelling, beautiful props, ciphers, and an atmosphere reminiscent of the movie Seven, if it had been set 70 years earlier. Playing it felt like we were unearthing something that had long been buried.

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