D J Kupa: Zero Day

By | April 18, 2020

by D J Kupa

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Can YOU solve the puzzles to crack the code and save the world?
Zero Day is a unique puzzle adventure book that places you, the reader, at the centre of the story. A deadly virus has infected computer systems worldwide and threatens to bring life as we know it to an abrupt end. The cure to the vaccine is held on a USB memory stick which has been hidden in an unknown location.
The only thing that can stop global Armageddon is you!
Within the pages of Zero Day you will find a thrilling story that leads you through a set of puzzles. You, the reader, are at the centre of the adventure as you dash around London in an attempt to solve the puzzles and reveal the location of the hidden USB memory stick. Held within the USB is the cure to the devastating computer virus threatening to destroy the fabric of modern society. Solve the puzzles, find the USB and save the world?
How does it work?
The solution to the puzzles will reveal the clues to a pass-code. If the pass code is correct it will unlock a web-page that will allow you - after perhaps another test of your puzzling skills - to proudly claim that you have saved the world.
Will you be the first to unlock the code and stop the computer virus?
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