Harz Escape: The Don Vito Investigation

By | April 8, 2020

by Harz Escape (website)

Klintgasse 3, 38855

2-5 players

Team of 2: £47.00 €54.00
Team of 4: £62.00 €72.00

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New York, 1932. Organized crime is at its peak. You are agents and have been assigned to the case of Vito Genovese. While working on the case, the phone rings. A soft voice whispers: „They know about the photos. They are coming!“. You know that your boss, Joe Petrosino, possesses incriminating material against Don Vito which he keeps well hidden in his office. Can you find and secure the documents before the mafia arrives?
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With rolling lockdowns and restrictions, the number of venues offering avatar games is increasing; but Harz Escape were one of the pioneers of the format, among a handful of companies who offered a remote avatar escape back when that was a completely new and untested concept. They have several physical rooms, and do in fact offer another game online; but that one's only available in German, so Don Vito is their only play-from-home option for English-speakers. [Edit: this is no longer the case, s...

Harz Escape has skillfully brought their most classic Escape Room into the digital world with the Remote Escape Room The Case of Don Vito, taking a very direct approach.

Gather the gang to take down your group of friends… uh flip that, reverse it.
Delightful Don Vito

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