Ryptic Room Escape San Mateo: Escape The Aliens

By | April 8, 2020

by Ryptic Room Escape San Mateo (website)

4-10 players

Team of 4: £93.00 $127.20
Team of 6: £139.00 $190.80

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90 mins
You and your team are a daring group of private investigators who handle the most fringe cases. A call from a distressed, client has brought you and your team to the office of Dr. Tim F. Hatt, a well known researcher in the field of extraterrestrial study.
The landlord has reported noticing some strange things during the past few months involving Dr. Hatt’s office, including suspicious looking characters and ominous noises emanating from the depths of his make-shift laboratory.
The landlord is now reporting to your team that Dr. Hatt has gone missing! It’s up to you and your team to investigate Dr. Hatt’s office and unravel the mystery of the suspicious activities that have been occurring within his lab.
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Some members of Team Yes and Escape were summoned to northern California for… classified… business. While in town, we discovered a secondary secret mission we decided to take: escaping from aliens. Being visitors in town, we already felt like undercover agents, so when we saw the opportunity to help lend our investigative skills to try and learn the mysteries surrounding a UFO expert’s disappearance, we leaped at the opportunity. Even though we were at risk of being captured by the Men in Black (no, not the ones from the movies, actual scary ones) we were up for the challenge.

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