11th Hour Escape Rooms Limited: Victoria’s Last Challenge (remote play)

By | March 31, 2020

by 11th Hour Escape Rooms Limited (website)

91 Devizes Rd, Bromham SN15 2DZ


2-6 players

remote play
"A race to escape the attic room of Echoes Hill Manor with your inheritance. It’s a very sad day. Your beloved Great Aunt Victoria has passed away. At the ripe old age of 104. She had a long and good life but she will be sorely missed. Whilst there is no way to take away your grief, there is some positive news. In her last will and testament Victoria has left her vast fortune to you, yes you, her last living relatives. However it’s not just a case of giving you the money. You have to earn it!
Everyone who knew Victoria knew that she was a prankster. Over the years she liked nothing more than setting up tricks and puzzles for people and it would seem this has continued, even in her death.
A passage from Victoria’s last will and testament reads :-
“To my last living relatives, I leave to you equal shares of my life savings. However I have one last challenge for you. My money is hidden in the attic room of the family Ancestral home, Echoes Hill Manor, and a set of puzzles and riddles await you which will lead to your inheritance. To make things interesting, I’m giving you just 60 minutes to find it. If you don’t succeed, the fortune will be left to the local cats home !! Good luck, you’ll need it! All my love, Aunt Victoria”"
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lc86 says:

We played this remotely with 2 others in a different location. It worked really well as a virtual game and helped scratch that escape room itch. Tim the host was excellent and really made the experience. Would highly recommend!

Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5

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