YouEscape: #6: A Murder Mystery

By | March 20, 2020

by YouEscape (website)

£22.00 $30.00
Public booking: £7.00 $10.00 each

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120 mins
The trial will begin in about 2 hours.
Your client is a young woman who is accused of murdering her husband.
You haven't been able to find solid proof of her innocence yet.
Will you manage to pull this off?
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I had a great time playing YouEscape's detective game. Then again, my whole team was made of amateur sleuths, and we were fine with the genre's conventions, and we did figure out what Nick had wanted us to see. So, while I can easily picture this game being the least favorite YouEscape for some, it actually turned out to be the one I personally preferred, up to this point.

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